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by Archives November 13, 2007

I’m not going to take the next few minutes of your life and preach about how violence in video games is sick, with some “My God” or “what about our children” and all that kind of tripe thrown in for good measure.
I love sniping enemy soldiers in the head as much as the next red-blooded male and if there’s a rock soundtrack in the background while I do it then even better.
As a faithful member of the Nintendo generation, I’ve played them all from Arkanoid to Zombies Ate My Neighbors. I know almost all the teleporting pipes in Mario Bros. (‘Bros.’ not Brothers) and could give any 12 year-old a run for his candy in Golden Eye.
But some games out there should labeled “F” for f***** up. Because of some underground sources, and maybe more than just a little help from Google, I got my hands on a list of material that’s prohibited in this maple-loving country of ours. On that list, compiled by the Prohibited Importations Unit (PIU) of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), next to porn videos that feature women doing things with plungers that I never thought possible, is a little gem of a game called RapeLay.
Developed for Microsoft Windows, RapeLay is a 3D hentai game that was made by video game developer Illusion last year. In RapeLay, you play a guy named Kimura Masaya whose goal in the game is to stalk and rape a woman and her two daughters.
The game runs on a fairly advanced 3D modeling system as the player, using mouse and keyboard, stalks these women and then rapes them by making motions with the mouse.
Added little “bonuses” to this game include tears on one of the little girls’ faces as you rape her, as well as a chance of actually making one of them pregnant. You can either force her to get an abortion or continue to rape her as she gets bigger before your eyes.
Some people are such fans of this game that they have created various mods (modifications) to the game such as “the bloody vagina mod” to make the game more realistic.
Though not available for sale within Canada, you’re able to order it online and it could easily be pirated via torrent by any 12 year-old with a computer.
I’m not upholding this as an example of how violent video games are, I’m merely asking, what has the world come to when there’s an actual demand for something like this? Say all you want that it wasn’t developed in Canada, but there’s an English and French version for a reason, people.
I don’t care how old you are.
I don’t care if your argument is that it’s only fantasy.
If this is your fantasy then you should leave your house more instead of staying at home doing shadow puppets and braiding dolls out of cat hair.
You’ll never see me standing outside a video game store, protesting the release of a game because it has too much nudity. Ratings exist for a reason and it’s up to the parents to decide what’s appropriate and what isn’t.
Games are meant for entertainment. But just because people would play it, doesn’t mean you should make it.

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