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by Archives November 27, 2007

Dear Editor,

Here’s my nine cents on The Concordian’s proposed fee increase:
Upon receiving an invite on Facebook to a group saying that ‘Nine cents can save The Concordian’, I immediately joined.
While I wrote for both the Link and The Concordian, I owe this paper a big thank you. I was a beat reporter for two seasons for the men’s hockey team – hockey is my passion, and I am grateful to have had a chance to do what I love. I volunteered my weekends, sitting in Ed Meagher arena, and riding buses to other schools to watch my beloved Stingers play, and spent many Sunday nights harassing the captains for last minute quotes and scrambling to get my stories in for deadline.
After graduating this spring, I began applying for jobs. I dream of covering an NHL team at a daily, but I knew I had to start somewhere. The week after June convocation, I was offered a job in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta (45 minutes west of Red Deer) as a sports reporter. While my degree in Creative Writing was an asset, it was my years spent at the Concordian that ultimately landed me my job.
So, thank you to my former editor, Jared Book, for putting up with my rambling game stories and silly emails. And thank you to The Concordian, for giving a non-journalism student a chance to do what I love. This is the kind of opportunity kids need to get their feet wet and learn a little about what being a reporter is like. So make your voice heard this week and cast your vote in favour of The Concordian and give them that extra nine cents.

Laura Shantora Nelles
B.A. Creative Writing ’07
Sports Reporter, The Mountaineer

Dear Editor,

It’s been 13 years since I was News Editor at The Concordian, and it looks like little has changed – the paper is still starved for resources and managing to accomplish miracles on half the allotment of the Link, yet with twice the mandate (since The Concordian’s constituency has always included people who might commit the grievous sin of being white and straight).
I lost track of the number of stories we broke, stories that affected all students, stories the Link didn’t touch, or wouldn’t until we’d forced them to (stories about missing money from the coffers of what is now CSU, stories about CSU council members spending their summers in prison on drug charges, stories about CSU appointing students to sit on academic bodies who were of failed academic standing themselves…). The student body deserves a second, non-government appointed watchdog.
Look at Montreal. One major English daily, and only one viewpoint. I’m a former employee of that daily, and even I know the news coverage was better off when we had The Star to counter it.
Concordia needs a second paper with a second opinion – and after 25 years, it’s bloody-well time that paper got the chance to do it with the same resources!
Sorry I don’t get a vote, folks, but you’ve got my support any other way it might help you!

Jessika Diamond
The Concordian Copy Editor 92-93
The Concordian News Editor 93-94

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