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by Archives November 20, 2007

In a city where the streets seem to shrink with the ever-watching eye of the media and the frantic pace of the workers and dwellers, how do two women escape the social mirror of their imperfections?
My work is based on the realization that the fear of crowds, of the outside world; agoraphobia, (cocooning for the more modern minds) seems to take hold of more and more people nowadays. Once considered a feminine positive, necessary trait to be able to live happily inside the husband’s house, now it is considered a serious social impediment. I have thus worked on a series of images with my mother and my sister, depicting two reclusive women that have come, over the years, to develop some form of unhealthy, codependent relationship. The similarity and repetitiveness of their day-to-day activities seem to blur the lines between agoraphobia and just being a housewife. The notion of time slips away. The series is focused on interior and interpersonal dysfunctions, doubt and a struggle to break free from the sense of purposelessness. My subjects are in a constant redefinition of their identity, their body and their relationship. Unable to define themselves, they are in a state of interior turmoil, a rebellious act against the anaesthesia of their own senses. Always waiting, they break and fade away slowly. Until they are very small in their own body.

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