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The men from Unkle (Bob)

by Archives November 6, 2007

Every now and then a band comes along by way of the underground, a surprise attack if you will. A band like Coldplay for example must have had a plan of attack before they snuck up and exploded in North America.
Unkle Bob, a quintet out of Glasgow, had a plan. These men from Unkle walked right through the front door with blueprints under their arms without even physically coming to America or officially releasing their album here. Figure that one out.
It might have something to do with taking cyberspace by storm via myspace and youTube and landing a significant song-spot on Grey’s Anatomy. All goes without mentioning one stellar gem of an album.
Lead singer Rick Webster introduces their album Sugar and Spite and talks about the themes surrounding their debut.

Is Unkle Bob a reference or tribute to someone’s uncle?

The band name is in reference to where myself and Geoff (keyboards) met for the first time at a beach place called Unkle Bob’s on Serendipity Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. We named the band after that in Glasgow, Scotland where the band was born.

How does it feel being called “the next biggest thing”?

The album is still unreleased in most countries so it is really an underground thing so far. In fact, it’s not yet available anywhere in Canada! Only by import. Everything has been word of mouth up until now, which we’re pleased with. There’s nothing worse than being sold music like it’s baked beans.

Sugar and Spite is a bitter sweet album title. Where does it come from?

It is from a lyric in a song on the album called “Vagabond”. It was our publicist Phil Savidge, who spotted the lyric at a gig and we all agreed immediately that it represented the overall sentiments on the album. Up until that point it was going to be called Love Stains. And I’m not joking. (Laughs)

Is it fair to assume that you’ve been in love and have had your heart broken?

I guess so, but I’m sure everybody knows how that feels. I just wrote it down.

Can you give us a talk about the “Birds and the Bees”?

I guess it is quite a pessimistic love song. “Love hurts in the end”. It was written whilst contemplating how I was made.

What is your song “The Hit Parade” about?

Getting laid, getting played and walking down the Hit Parade of course! (Laughs)

Do you mean that sex and success come hand in hand?

Yes. Probably due to the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. That’s what all my groupies tell me. I pick the smart ones! (Laughs)

Your song “Better Off” seems to be about knowing your friend is shagging your love interest. Would you choose your friend over your lover or your lover over your brother?

Hang on. Is it your brother or your friend? Your brother would be worse! (Laughs) I don’t know. It depends upon the situation. Maybe you can choose both friends and lovers and forgive and forget. Maybe not.

What do you believe to be the top three poisons of a relationship?

Another man, another woman, or both.

Most people would consider being unfaithful the ultimate betrayal in a relationship. Would you agree with that?

I’m sure there are many ways to betray someone, but being unfaithful physically probably tops it.

“Put a Record On” contains the lyrics “I put a record on, put it on and sing along with you”. What album are you notorious for singing along to?

The Smiths. Everybody has a good Morrissey inside them!

It’s interesting that artists still use the word “record”. Will you ever sing about putting an mp3 on?

Maybe! As formats go out of fashion and circulation they become romantic and nostalgic. Someone will be singing about MP3s in 50 years time, I’m sure.

What moments call for a record to be put on?

Moments of romance, nostalgia and cooking.

Speaking of romance, what is your favorite album to set “the mood” ?

Prince, “Do me, baby”. In fact I’m listening to it right now. (Laughs)

How did it feel having your song “Swans” featured on the successful television series Grey’s Anatomy?

Really, truly amazing for us. We have and still are spreading all over the world. And we didn’t even leave the house. (Laughs)

When you wrote the album, did you realize how much listeners would relate to your music?

I never imagined people would discuss the lyrics in the way they do. If you look on youTube there are videos from all over the world with people mouthing the words and even ballet dancing to it. And to think “Swans” wasn’t even going to be on the album!

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