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by Archives December 4, 2007

Robbie Tucker is back with his third album GreenRoom. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, playing has been a struggle, but aggressively treating his condition has allowed this local musician to continue to pursue his passion.
“It feels like being trapped inside your body,” Tucker said of his condition. He recalled a concert where it took him 15 minutes to get his guitar out of the box. The concert itself is something he just wants to forget because he just couldn’t play or sing anymore.
His diagnosis and the treatment that followed allowed him to start playing again. His condition is always changing, with new medications and treatment options becoming part of his routine.
Tucker has no doubt that his music is protecting him from complete depression. “You have to have something you really love, I love the music,” he said.
Robbie’s struggle spawned a short film documentary that he hopes can inspire others with Parkinson’s. The short film by Isabelle Lacombe is currently available at http://exposure.cbc.ca/category/documentary and deals with Tucker’s return to the stage. The musician also hopes that the documentary can help to create awareness of the disease, that will in turn lead to more support and research in finding a cure.
Tucker said of his love of music, “I can’t hold it back. It doesn’t matter what time it is. I have to.” He has even been known to leave his apartment late at night and head down to the subway just so that he could play.
As for Tucker’s songwriting skills, he doesn’t write songs from his own point of view, but tries to understand other’s realities. In a tight mixture of folk and rock, his lyrics are a testament.
The stage would be the best place to get to know the singer-song writer; the stage is where he lets loose. Tucker’s live performances are so full of energy and emotion. He also hopes to switch from his live acoustic sets to being backed by a full band.

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