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By Archives January 29, 2008

Dear Editor,

Is this the same Josh Boudin writing commentaries for The Concordian who only three months ago was explaining to me how little he knew about Concordia politics – while at the same time having me defend an ASFA motion of his (albeit modified) because he was afraid to speak at an ASFA meeting he is a councillor for? I don’t want to get tooo personal (especially seeing as I am also amateur to Concordia politics and I too am more expressive on paper) but two things trouble me.
First, Josh’s repeated silence at ASFA meetings vis-a-vis his ever-so-bold writing style, and second where he acquired so much experience in Concordia politics.
We know CSU concillors aren’t vampires, although the sarcasm was kind of funny. But using sarcasm to imply that there isn’t dirt in Concordia politics is simply naive.
For one, the ASFA bylaw changes that Josh deliberated over recently included a section barring previous CSU CEOs (currently a

miniscule pool) running for ASFA office; thats dirty and personal. Pretending that the inclusion of this had no connection whatsoever to Beisan Zubi is an insult to the intelligence of every ASFA executive. An executive that I personally have lost significant respect for throughout this process.
Likewise, if members of this executive claim that they didn’t have Beisan in mind when writing that section, there are selling themselves and others very, very short.
One last thing Josh: Open your eyes a bit. We all know that the student government of Concordia has better things to do than conspire on how to screw their opposition – and does better things every day – but that is not to say they are pure student politicians, by any means. The recent proposals to change ASFA bylaws speak loudly to this.

Gregory Johannson
Former PSSA VP Internal and ASFA Councillor