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Faune, or In the Head Is Not On the Stage

by Archives February 12, 2008

Some mornings you get off on the wrong foot. And on some of those days, it seems it’s the wrong foot that keeps dragging you forward. It’s the way I felt when I went to see Jocelyne Montpetit’s solo Faune at l’Agora de la danse this week. The piece gets off to a bad start and never manages to lift off the ground.
It begins with a melodramatic reading by Francesco Capitano of a melodramatic text by Vaslav Nijinski. Already, the self-importance of both source and execution managed to cause eruptions of giggling in some spectators around me, understandably. It would not help much later when opera would be used to dig the melodramatic hole even deeper.
Then Montpetit makes her entrance to Arvo P

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