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Montreal celebrates Chinese New Year

By Archives February 12, 2008

The City of Montreal and members of the Chinese community celebrated Chinese New Year at the York Amphitheatre in the EV Building Feb. 7. Montreal mayor Gerald Tremblay spoke of the strong ties Montreal has with the Chinese community along, while Concordia President Michael di Grappa spoke of spoke of how the Chinese are represented in the university.
The speakers were followed by 15 minutes of footage presented by the National Film Board of Canada on Bethune.
Norman Bethune is considered a hero in China for his work as a doctor in the battlefields of the Second Sino-Japanese War, and lived in Montreal between 1928 to 1938. He is honored at Concordia with a white statue on the corner of Maisonneuve and Guy, which was originally a gift from China. Currently, the statue is in storage and will undergo restoration, according to Pierrette Wong, President of the Montreal Chinese Community Centre.