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No contest in ASFA elections

by Archives February 26, 2008

This week’s ASFA (Arts and Science Federation of Associations) election may be one of the quickest and sweetest for the seven uncontested candidates, who, for all intensive purposes, simply have to show up.
One of the candidates’ main goals is to make ASFA more identifiable to Concordia students. Audrey Peek, running for ASFA president, believes the association must demonstrate a larger presence among the student body and university staff. “We need to increase faculty and administration involvement,” she said.
Amine Dabchy for VP External, along with Peck, believes that they can help ASFA continue to grow without increasing student fees by encouraging more activities among student organizations.
“We need a platform to make us known . . . to increase relations with students,” said Dabchy.
Along with increasing ASFA’s profile, maintaining the status quo on fees and increasing student involvement at Loyola are the initiatives that Peek and Dabchy hope to implement.
“We are concerned about tuition fees for international students,” said Peek. “We want to make people more aware about fee increases.”
Peek and Dabchy support a scholarship and bursary database that will allow students to easily search for financial aid opportunities outside of Concordia, and increase the possibilities for some form of corporate grant.
The candidates would like to take the success of Thursday night hockey games at Reggies and start a similar pub night on the Loyola campus.

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