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by Archives February 26, 2008

Roger Clemens, monster pitcher, prima donna . . . steroid user? The hearing over whether Clemens used Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has purposefully missed the point. True, somebody’s lying, but that’s a sideshow, a mere smokescreen. This is about keeping a dream alive for you, John and Jane Q. Public.
North American culture lives for entertainment. It’s not about sports, fair play or being a good example for the kids. Oh sure, we carry noble sentiments in our hearts, and most of us try to live by them, but we’re talking about the business of ratings. What are the ticket sales? How many viewers will we get? These are the burning questions behind major league deals.
Welcome to the realm of every major televised sport. We’ve long passed the somewhat innocent days of playing for the heart and soul of the game, but still we cling to our ideals. That’s why the Mitchell Report was created. Outwardly it looks like a vehicle for integrity and justice, but ultimately it protects dazzling revenue streams.
Perhaps it sounds like I’m arguing for legalised marijuana, but I abhor cheating.
In the same breath, it’s annoying to hear the pundits speak about black marks on the sport’s reputation. What rubbish. To all the media and individuals using such lines, please do reality a favour and stop spouting childish notions. There is no Santa Claus, and there’s way too much money involved for pure athletics to interfere in Major League sports.
If we aren’t willing to own the reality of this truth, and the implications it carries, then we should lay off a man who’s done exactly what has been asked of him: up TV ratings and entertain the people. Unless the governing boards have decided to begin a sweeping change in the sporting world – oh wait, there are billions of dollars at stake here. If the boat rocks too much, the population may wake from the entertainment induced coma they’ve slipped into. Do you see where this leads?
If you don’t embrace the whole truth, then you merely create a scapegoat for the “greater good” of a vast money maker which continually demands performance.
Sacrifice Roger Clemens and a few other heads, and you’ve cleansed the sport.
The dream can continue.

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