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311 will thaw Montreal

by Archives March 18, 2008

One thing is certain, 311 are thrilled to be hitting Canada with their reggae infused alt-rock/hip hop/funk.
This season marks 311’s first official Canadian tour with seven dates here above the border. The guys have been playing sold out shows on the first half of their current tour with Californian band Slightly Stoopid. Now, Montreal is in for it and it’s about time.
311 bassist P-Nut took some time out during the band’s hot spring tour to chat before they drive into Montreal on 3/19.

Welcome to Canada. Are you looking forward to hitting Montreal?

I’m looking forward to breaking in our Canadian fans. Montreal is a place we should have played a long time ago. This is probably not the ideal time of year to make this northern trip, but we’ll heat things up.

For your fans in Montreal who have never seen 311 live, what can be expected on Wednesday night?

We strive on a high-energy show with a lot of ups and downs. We try to get the audience involved as much as possible. We play so many songs from our library; it’s almost an entirely different show each time. We have many songs and we love playing them all.

Speaking of 311’s repertoire can you confirm rumors of a new album in the works?

There is writing going on for a new album. I think it will be a new direction for us. It’ll be three years now and it’s the longest time that we haven’t released any new music. But we solidified the idea that we don’t need an album to tour. Our ticket sales just keep going up and more people come to our shows. We’re really catering to our concert-going audience now. We love playing shows.

You just played your annual 311 Day on March 11. How did this legendary celebration start?

It’s our fans! Fans were telling us online that they were getting together on 3/11, listening to our music and celebrating the band. We thought we should give them a show. In 2000, we did our first one in New Orleans and it was such a success. We put on a four-hour show. It’s a 311 extravaganza. It’s such a special event, it’s like we have our own holiday.

Is it safe to say that Wednesday night will be a special event?

It will be a good time and something different. I think we have to be experienced to be fully understood. Tell your friends! Expect a great time! We want to entertain you Montreal.

311 play the Metropolis Wednesday, March 19 with Slightly Stoopid.

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