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British Columbia’s Ladyhawk

by Archives March 18, 2008

They’ve been compared to everything from Wolf Parade to Neil Young, but Kelowna-grown LadyHawk doesn’t rock to the roll. Actually, this audacious quartet doesn’t fit into anything even resembling a box.
March 4 brought the release of Shots, the band’s second LP, born amidst the creaking floorboards and dusty corners of an abandoned farmhouse in their hometown. Despite LadyHawk’s off the mark labeling, the record has been sparking the interest of new and old fans alike.
“The first album is about the troubles of a working-class man, the new album is more about self-mutilation by getting wasted,” said lead guitarist/vocalist Duffy Driediger.
Listening closely though, you’ll find where the true undertones and influences lie.
“I got Nivana’s Nevermind on tape for Christmas ’91, and I played it until the tape broke,” Driediger said. “It definitely wouldn’t be an insult to say we have some grunge background going on. The older I get the more I go back to what I used to listen to in the 90s.”
LadyHawk is a band that plays just for the sake of playing.
“We all have jobs,” Duffy said. “Construction, forestry, bartending. We get together and rock in the evenings.”
“If your uncle asked me what type of music we played, I would say, ‘rock.’ He would ask, ‘Rock? Like Bryan Adams?’ and I would say, ‘Yes, like Bryan Adams’ . . . not even close,” Duffy laughed.

LadyHawk plays Le Divan Orange on Thursday, March 20.
Shots is in stores now.

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