What you see may not be what you think . . .

The In Details exhibition opened last Tuesday at the Faculty of Fine Arts (FOFA) gallery in a playful mood amidst a playful theme, thanks to audacious curators and a live electromusic performed by DJ Jackson Darby.
Curators Catherine Cournoyer and Catherine Wakim decided to go for the elusive rather than the obvious face of art, choosing pieces that, at first, were seemingly unconnected to each other: series of numbers that become a giant grenade only visible from a distance, photographs seen through layers of glass within glass, montages relating perfect strangers to one another and a romantic landscape that turns out to be an extreme close-up of . . . pubic hair.
Yup, the artwork of Concordia undergrads Shannon Harris, Catherine Turcot, Anthony Vrakotas and Caroline Valli


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