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Hybrid engines save fuel when driven faster, often

By Archives April 1, 2008

Last week the Montreal Association of Hybrid Drivers (MAHD) discovered a new way to save fuel and money, while reducing carbon emissions with their hybrid vehicles.
“All we have to do is drive faster than we have ever driven before,” said MAHD spokesperson Jean-Guy Laviolette. “The faster we go, the sooner the vehicle is saving us money. The more money that stays in our pockets, the less fuel we are buying, which in turn leaves the world with fewer dangerous carbon emissions. It is a win-win situation for both hybrid drivers and the planet.”
The scientific community is hailing this amazing discovery as a major breakthrough towards saving the planet. It has been nine years since hybrid vehicles invaded the North American market, yet with all the new technology, humanity’s dependence on oil continues to grow exponentially every year.
Experts say the problem is one of economics: with a high initial buy-in price, Hybrid-emission vehicles haven’t given the financial advantage that owners expect.
All that changed with the recent release of the MAHD report.
“I cannot believe that we did not think of it before,” said Dr. Linda Headliner of the American Society of Sciences. “Driving faster to save money, fancy that.”
Still, it will not be all fun and games for hybrid drivers. While they may have determined they need to drive faster to save the environment, the odds are still stacked against them.
“We have calculated that to achieve the optimum balance between fuel economy and carbon emissions, a speed of approximately 155 kilometres per hour would have to be maintained,” said Dr. Baz Ülker, a leading hybrid engineer and member of MAHD. The Department of Transport is calling for its own investigation into the newfound theory. “We cannot allow hybrids to just blast down the highways,” said D.O.T. communications representative Joseph Manteauder