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Mexican students riot against Emo-kids

A wave of anti-emo riots swept Mexico this month.
On Saturday, approximately 300 young people called for “tolerance” of emo-kids in a march that descended into violence as emos squared off against punks, goths and metal heads.
Riot police were called in to break up the fighting.
Violence was also reported in Tijuana. On Friday approximately 600 members of what Mexican media described as “urban tribes” took to the streets looking to fight the emos.
The riots started in Querétaro on March 7 when over 800 youth took to the streets, attacking so-called “emo kids.” The following week the violence spread to the capital where riot police were called out to stop the fighting.
Emo, a style of music that grew out of punk rock in the late ’90s, is known for its lyrical focus on failed relationships and strong displays of emotion.
According to Mexico City daily newspaper La Jornada, the violence may be more than just differences in musical taste. An article published in the paper suggests that the attacks may instead be related to rising political tensions in the country and a negative response to the androgynous fashion style of the emo kids.

Chinese march invades Tibetan counter-protest

Hundreds of Chinese students and residents turned out for a pro-China rally in downtown Toronto over the weekend, drowning out Tibetan protestors with some rhetoric of their own.
Calling for the death of the Dalai Lama and telling Tibetans to leave Canada, the pro-China rally was driven by protestors’ belief that China should remain “one country.” They also claimed recent media reports on the violent clashes in Tibet were biased and exaggerated.
Riot police was on hand to pacify isolated incidents when over-zealous protestors from both sides approached the opposing demonstration. The two sides faced off across busy Dundas Street.
One Chinese student charged across the road waving the Chinese flag, and was apprehended by the Toronto City police. The student was later released with no charges laid against him.
Tibetan protestors claimed the pro-China rally was organized by the communist state, and was designed to incite hatred towards Tibetans.

Canada-Israel security partnership

Early last week, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day announced that Canada has signed a declaration of intent with the government of Israel. The agreement will see the two governments cooperating on issues of organized crime, trans-border financial issues, and security threats associated with cross-border travel.

Classical music fans
picketing ‘low-brow’ CBC

A group of classical music fans is planning a protest against proposed cutbacks in the playing of classical music on CBC radio. According to Emily Gray, who started a Facebook group about the protest, the issues are that the CBC is “canceling several long-running and popular shows, that they’ll play less classical music, and that they’re disbanding their 70-year-old CBC Radio Orchestra.” The protest will take place outside the CBC building, at 1400 René-Lévesque on Friday, April 4 at 1 pm. A similar group is also organizing a protest in Vancouver. According to their Facebook group, the CBC’s move “is misguided at best, suicidal at worst.”


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