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People’s Potato shock students with meat

By Archives April 1, 2008

The secret is out. After years of claiming to serve vegan food, it was discovered late last week that the a vegan kitchen People’s Potato has been serving meat to the hungry students who line up for a free meal every day at Concordia – for over three months.
Catherine Beamier, Information Minister for the First People’s Commissariat of the People’s Potato Collective, admitted that the group had added meat to a recent batch of falafels.
The “foie gras falafels” were discovered during lunch yesterday by Bill Carrington. He said he went up for second helpings for the first time ever and that’s when he knew: it had to be meat.
“They were delicious. Almost too delicious,” said Carrington.
Beamier, said that it wasn’t an accident. They’ve been adding duck liver p