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by Archives April 1, 2008

Obviously it would affect me a lot, but I think that Concordia’s part-time faculty are pretty indispensable. For creative programs, a lot of the professors offer a lot of experience in the professional field [and they] do that at the same time as teaching.

Caitlin Jones, English Lit and Creative Writing

I would be upset… obviously. … But at the same time, I understand them because they’re not getting the same benefits as the other professors. They need their voice to be heard, so honestly if that’s what it takes, then you have to do it.

Esaan Bernard – Leisure Science & Sociology

I do know that they have been without a contract for six years, that’s obviously a good enough reason to go on strike. I’m supposed to leave the country, so if exams are delayed, it’s a huge problem.

Jonathan Elston – Political Science & Human Relations

It would affect me greatly. I have already planned my schedule according to my exam schedule. If the part-time teachers go on strike and that delays exams, then it will affect my plans… I might be flying to Haiti. I do support the strike. I understand why they’re fighting … and this is us showing support for another union. We understand what they’re fighting for.

Erica Jabouin – CSU VP External

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