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by Archives October 14, 2008

Local News

Students can vote here
By Loredana Pero

Students studying away from home don’t have to vote at home, they can vote where they are studying as well.
“Students are a privileged bunch because, they can choose to vote where the family lives or they can vote where they’re studying,” said Gilles Paquin, spokesperson for Elections Canada in Montreal. While it is too late for students to vote in their home ridings, advance and mail in polls closed on Oct. 7, it’s not too late to vote in Montreal.
Every house and apartment receives a voter’s information card, telling voters where their local polls are located. At the poll on Oct. 14, voters must present the information card along with proof of identity and address.

What, are you five?

A Conservative candidate in a suburban-Toronto riding accused her opponent of stealing campaign signs on Monday. Stella Ambler claims to have video of Liberal Gurbax Singh Malhi’s campaign workers removing her signs from in front of private homes. The day before Malhi’s campaign manager filed a police report alleging that Ambler’s campaign had stolen their signs.

Third time wasn’t a charm

The B.C Human Rights Commission ruled on Friday an article published in MacLean’s Magazine did not violate Canada’s anti-hate laws. Members of the Canadian Islamic Congress article have filed three complaints against the article, entitled “The Future Belongs to Islam.” The Canadian Human Rights Commission rejected the first complaint in June and the complaint filed with Ontario Human Rights Commission fell through when they ruled it was out of their jurisdiction.

Death by 1,000 cold cuts no more

Maple Leaf Foods is considering using a preservative that inhibits the growth of listeria. Health Canada has approved the use of sodium diacetate (in combination with the current preservative, sodium lactate) while processing meats, poultry and fish. The preservative could guarantee that trace levels of listeria will not be able to multiply to the levels that led to the deadly outbreak.

Bye bye Grand Prix

Montreal was dropped off the Grand Prix circuit leaving North America without any F1 races. Montreal officials said they were completely unaware the race was going to be axed; they learned about it through the media. It was replaced with a race in Abu Dhabi.

International News

Is this a:salt b:sugar or c:none of the above?

170 wedding guests were rushed to hospital in northern China over the weekend after they all agreed the food, a large stew, was too bland. Guests added what they thought was salt. But the “salt” actually turned out to be rust remover. While everyone at the party was taken to hospital, all were released by the next day.

You put that, down there?

A San Diego man was charged with poaching after game wardens found six live lobsters stuffed down his pants. Wardens said they noticed “odd bulges” in the man’s pants. All six lobsters were returned to the ocean safely.

Being sick illegal in England

Police in England fined a sick 12-year-old boy

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