Local News From zero to irrational in three seconds Five people were injured in Calgary after a man opened fire at a bar early Friday morning. The man, thought to be in his 20s, pulled out a gun, opened fire and critically injured a man who had bumped into him and that man’s best friend.

Local News

From zero to irrational in three seconds

Five people were injured in Calgary after a man opened fire at a bar early Friday morning. The man, thought to be in his 20s, pulled out a gun, opened fire and critically injured a man who had bumped into him and that man’s best friend. Three other patrons were caught in crossfire and treated from minor injuries.

It can only get better

A six-year-old girl was attacked by a neighbour’s dog in December 2007. The girl required 29 stitches on her face when the dog’s teeth sunk into her forehead and left eye socket. On the nine-month anniversary of the attack, just as the girl was beginning to make a full recovery, doctors diagnosed her with brain cancer. The tumour, discovered during a routine eye exam, was removed earlier this month.

Disaster averted

Canadian customs agents alerted authorities at Tampa International Airport that an incoming passenger had outstanding warrants out for his arrest. Police arrested the man when he got off the plane on two misdemeanours: having a dog running at large and having no license for a dog.

Hell’s Angels’ HQ damaged

Flames engulfed the Hells Angel’s headquarters in Sorel-Tracy after a truck crashed into the building on Saturday night. Neighbours were forced to evacuate their homes when explosions started going off inside the building.

Alberta terrorist target

Terrorism experts are saying that Alberta has become a “prime target.” A defence and security analyst said terrorists probably wouldn’t choose Alberta if they were going for mass-murder type terrorism. But if they were going for economic terrorism, the oil-rich province could be a likely target, the analyst said at a national conference for emergency officials held in Calgary.

The saga continues

The coordinator of the Sustainable Action Fund (SAF) is holding an emergency meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 21. During the meeting they will move to remove Keyana Kashfi as chair of the SAF because she acted against its best interests. Kashfi, who is also CSU president, called a CSU meeting one day before she was elected chair of the SAF. Although the motion for a referendum question regarding the future of the SAF was added to the ballot at the CSU meeting, Kashfi never informed the SAF of the referendum or the conflict of interest, according to the SAF coordinator.

International News

Healthy heart versus humble head

Researchers have found that drinking alcohol, even in small amounts, can cause the brain to shrink in size. Knowing that moderate consumption can have protective cardiovascular effects, researchers at Wellesely College in Massachusetts wanted to see if the same was true for brain volume, which naturally decreases with age. Researchers found the brains of men and women who are heavy drinkers (14 or more drinks per week) were one per cent smaller on average when compared with those who abstain.

Imagine what the bachelor party was like

Four men were arrested at a baby shower in Colorado after a fight broke out. One man hit another in the head with a beer bottle. That man fought back by hitting the first man in the head with a metal crowbar. They were both charged with second-degree assault charges. Two other men who were at the party were charged with disorderly conduct.

What you don’t know can’t kill . . . oh

Homeowners and apartment tenants in Tokyo can save a bundle by taking over a place where the previous tenant was either murdered or committed suicide. Realtors in Tokyo are obliged to tell potential buyers and renters the history of the home, and will often offer up to 25 per cent off the asking price. How long before one family kills another in order to get a cheaper house?

Because being labeled for the rest of your life isn’t enough

On Halloween, sex offenders in Maryland will have to display a sign with a picture of a Jack-o-Lantern that reads “No Candy At This Residence.” This is the third year that Maryland is running this program. No word yet if Catholic priests will also have to display the signs.

“Sex on the beach” is expensive in Dubai

Two brits have been sentenced to three months in prison for having sex on a beach. They will be deported after serving their sentences. The pair was arrested a few hours after meeting at a Champaign lunch at Le Meridien hotel in Dubai. The woman claims she and the man were just “hugging and kissing.”

It pays to be greedy

A South Korean financial analyst was fired on Friday, after saying that greed was causing people to make bad investment decisions. Han Sang-choon, deputy head of Mirae Asset Investment Education Institute, told a television talk show, “I reckon people haven’t cashed in their funds because of personal greed and expectations [of profits].” He was fired later that day. “Han Sang-choon . . . gave individual views out of line with our institute’s original purpose, and caused concern to investors,” said Kang Chang-hee, head of the research institute.

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