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Canadian universities get graded

by Archives October 28, 2008

University of Toronto: B-

Broadcasting across Ontario’s FM airwaves, the University of Toronto has the only radio station in Canada with one hour of air time dedicated daily to environmental news. The university also plans on reducing the school’s chemical labs energy consumption, which can be four times greater than an office space.

Carleton University: D-

Carleton got the worst grade on the report. Merissa Denise Thompson, the president of Carleton University Students for the Environment (C.U.S.E.), says the school’s grade needs to be changed. “We need to do something about this. I feel as though [C.U.S.E.] have begun to spread the word about issues that need to be addressed and we are continuing to work on that this year.”

U of British Columbia: A-

This Western school earned the highest grade out of all Canadian universities. Programs like U-Pass, which promotes universal public transit access for students at a low price, and the creation of a sustainable student entertainment building, makes University of British Columbia one of the best green campuses.

University of New Brunswick: C

This Maritime university did fairly well in the transparency section of the report getting an A, which some of the more popular schools did not receive. According to the school’s website, “Atlantic Canada has been left beind. We must learn from the mistakes and achievements of others and seize the opportunity presented to us.” But the website has not been updated since 2005.

U of Western Ontario: C-

Receiving a low grade of C-, this London, Ontario-based school was one of the lowest marks. Although the university got a failing grade for sections like transparency and shareholder engagement, the school initiated a School of Environment & Sustainability program last year.

University of Alberta: B

The school’s Naturalization Project has been growing roots on campus. The project reclaims urban spaces dominated by concrete and transforms them into beautiful gardens featuring plants native to Alberta. The campus’s Bike Library is another great service for students who can rent different types of bicycles ( mountain, hybrid) for one month with no cost.

McGill University: B

Driving towards green initiatives, McGill’s security guards ride bicycles in the summer and hybrid cars in the colder months, making the university one of the first campuses to do so. The impressive B grade put the school in the Top 5 for Canadian Universities.

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