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Concordia develops face recognition software

by Archives October 7, 2008

A Concordia professor says he can detect people’s moods using computer software that classifies facial expressions.
The software, created by Dr. Prabir Bhattacharya of the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE) measures 15 key points that make up a person’s facial expression. Using these measurements will allow him to determine the emotional state of the person being scanned, by comparing its data to databases of identifiable facial expressions.
As the Canada Research Chair in Information Systems, Bhattacharva sees his work as useful in situations where public safety is paramount. He thinks the system could be used in crowded areas, such as airports, where there is a need for security. If it succeeds in evaluating the mood of individuals in a large crowd, he says “there’s the potential to identify those people who might be problematic before they become so.”
Bhattacharva’s work was published last month in a book called Classification of Human Facial Expression.

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