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by Archives October 14, 2008

Dear editor,

Everyone knows that sustainability is the new “it” word, use it and you’re golden. I’m all for sustainability, green is great, but let’s be serious for just one second. People who use the idea of sustainability for political gain make me sick. How could someone pretend to like the Earth and the environment? Some people might be thinking right around now that I’m talking about the upcoming Canadian election or maybe even the American elections. Well, I’m not. The people who are making sustainability a joke and making me sick are in fact the “Students for Sustainability.” That’s right, no mistakes, this isn’t a typo or a misprint, the students for sustainability. How could a group that wants the world to go green leave a giant tour bus plastered with their name and slogans and recycling symbol stickers idling in the streets for hours? Seriously, I have now past that big fat bus idling twice, and I know it’s not just been left like that for a few minutes; it’s been left for an hour or more each time. How can a group like that expect to be taken seriously? This is for the students for sustainability: get a clue and turn that damn bus off! Try taking the train next time.

Nicola Kinley
Communications studies

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