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Quebec facing a December election

By Archives October 28, 2008

A December election is a growing possibility in Quebec.
While Premier Jean Charest has yet to comment publicly, on Monday he cancelled a planned trade mission to China. The cancelling of the mission, that would have seen Charest out of the province from Nov. 2 to 7, has ramped up speculation that the Premier will call a vote on Nov. 5. Over the weekend both the Action démocratique du Québec and the Parti Québécois held party conferences, discussing their platforms in anticipation of an election call.
The election speculation comes after one of the strangest weeks in the history of Quebec’s National Assembly.
Here’s a rundown of what happened:
Quebec’s opposition parties teamed up last Tuesday to elect one of their own as president, or speaker, of the National Assembly. The vote, which is conducted by secret ballot, came as a shock to Premier Charest, whose governing Liberal party has a minority in the Assembly. Fran