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Special meeting very “special”

By Archives October 21, 2008

A special CSU council meeting called by three independent councillors ended early on Friday, after council voted to postpone the meeting.
Louise Birdsell Bauer, Daniel Madero and Nicole Devlin called the meeting in an effort to get council to reconsider its decision to put a question, asking students to reconsider their funding of the Sustainability Action Fund, on the CSU referendum later this month.
CSU executives argued the meeting wasn’t legitimate, as not all members had been properly informed. Councillor Amine Dabchy seemed to agree, proposing a motion to cancel the meeting and re-schedule it for this Wednesday.
The meeting got off to a rocky start as council chair Jessica Nudo didn’t show up. CSU president Keyana Kashfi said that even though she didn’t think the meeting was “official,” she would chair. However Birdsell Bauer took issue with this, due to Kashfi’s obvious conflicts of interest. Kashfi is the Sustainability Action Fund board chair, and her executive supports the removal of student funding from the fund.
Acting chair Devin Wells, who was appointed from the audience, struggled to maintain order due to his lack of knowledge of meeting procedure and councillors’ lack of attention.