ASFA president challenged

ASFA is being misrepresented on the Sustainability Action Fund’s board of directors, according to the association’s political science councilor. Gregory Johannson has put forward a motion to the ASFA council for its president Audrey Peek to be removed from the SAF board.
“First of all, she wasn’t elected. Secondly, she’s misrepresenting ASFA,” he said. “And lastly, for someone to be on the board of directors to wants to dismantle the organization is ludicrous.”
Peek played a hand in putting the SAF fee levy to referendum, then had the fund’s coordinator, Jasmine Stuart, silenced so as to stop her from talking to the media.
“Getting rid of the organization is not in its best interest,” Johannson said.
Jeffery Livingston, FASA’s representative on the SAF board said, “if they feel she’s unfit to represent them, then we will adhere to their decision.”
Although he said he isn’t in a place to comment on ASFA issues, he said it’s important that voting members on the board act in the SAF’s best interests.
Members of Sustainable Concordia and the SAF were also hesitant to comment on Peek’s position. “[The SAF] hasn’t sat down, we don’t have a collective decision to whether we do or don’t support Audrey’s removal,” Stuart said.
Johannson, on the other hand, couldn’t be clearer on his opinion. “She’s adamant she has the position, and I’m adamant she doesn’t,” he said.
“I know there are problems with the SAF, and those have to be dealt with. But fundamentally, it’s a great initiative.”
Johannson speculated that Peek is against the SAF’s system. “And that’s fine,” he said. “But as a member of the board of directors, she shouldn’t be trying to get rid of it.”
Audrey Peek did not return phone calls and e-mails before press time.

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