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ASFA Turns New Leaf; Elects New SAF Rep

By Archives November 25, 2008

The Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) voted to remove its president Audrey Peek as its Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) representative at a special meeting last Thursday.
That night, councillors also elected Jonathan Game to take over the position. The meeting echoed one held a week prior, where the exact same motions were put on the floor, with the same results. The most recent meeting was held as a result of a motion to reconsider the votes, presented late at night after most ASFA councillors had left.
There was a brief discussion among councillors before voting took place. Gregory Johannson, who initiated Peek’s removal, said his motion was not a question of Peek’s abilities or personality. “She has done a great service to ASFA,” he said. “But I just think her positions don’t represent ASFA in relation to the Sustainability Action Fund.”
Peek, who maintained a brave face throughout the meeting and the reading of the results, said she feels this process has damaged her honour. “I can tell you that I feel my integrity has been violated all over the place,” she told council.
Peek and Johannson looked on as the ASFA chair counted councillors’ secret ballots. When all the ballots were counted, Johannson looked towards a few councillors and nodded defiantly. Then the chair announced, “The motion wins by a vote of 14 to nine and one abstention.”
With that, Peek was removed from her duties on the SAF board of directors. The association proceeded to appoint a new SAF representative. Two members of the executive and one councillor declined nominations. Game, who wasn’t present at the meeting, was the only nominee left.