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by Archives November 4, 2008

Bloc Party

London indie rock giants Bloc Party follow up their 2007-release A Weekend in the City with the similar sounding album Intimacy. The track list is a mélange of high-speed manic tracks like “Ares,” and hauntingly beautiful slower songs like “Biko.”
A standout feature of Intimacy is the little details layered over some of the tracks, like the chanting choir on “Zephyrus.”
Still present is Bloc Party’s knack for creating addictive and even catchy beats. The album lives up to the expectations set by past releases and doesn’t set itself apart for any reason. Intimacy is a good showing for a maturing band caught up with the same sound.

-Brennan Neill

Snow Patrol
A Hundred Million Suns

Comparisons between A Hundred Million Suns and the Irish band’s 2006 mainstream breakthrough Eyes Open are inevitable. Musically, the two are very similar, but those looking for another “Chasing Cars,” will not find it.
This collection of songs, with titles like, “The Planets Bend Between Us” and “If There’s a Rocket, Tie Me to It,” are not blatant love anthems.
Gary Lightbody, singer and lyricist, ponders about things bigger than lovers’ quarrels on this album. As indicated by its title, Snow Patrol is taking on the universe’s enormity.

-Kamila Hinkson

Kaiser Chiefs
Off with Their Heads

It seems Kaiser Chiefs neglected to include any ears in the equation with Off with Their Heads. For the most part the band’s third album is entirely forgettable. The tracks blend into a thick fog of repetitive call back style lyrics and typical guitar riffs. The repetition only momentarily clears for the first single, “Never Miss a Beat.”
If you are looking for a new and enjoyable Brit indie rock album, there is much better out there.

-Brennan Neill

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