Carleton students flip on fundraiser

TORONTO (CUP) – On Monday evening the Carleton University Students’ Association voted unanimously to rescind their decision to cancel a cystic fibrosis fundraiser. Last week CUSA pulled its support for the fundraiser, Shinerama, because the disease “only affect[s] white people, primarily men.”
The original motion had the support of all but two CUSA members.
Carleton University president Roseann O’Reilly Runte issued a statement expressing her “personal regret” that CUSA was dropping Shinerama, but said “they did not intend to offend by the preamble to their motion.”
Dozens of universities across the country participate in the fundraiser, where students polish shoes and cars to raise money.
Cathleen Morrison, CEO of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, said there’s a “silver lining” to the debacle.
“We’re having an opportunity to tell lots of people what cystic fibrosis really is.”
She said cystic fibrosis is the “most common fatal genetic disease in Canada,” and affects men and women equally.
Morrison said it does “affect the Caucasian population primarily,” but stresses this does not mean it only affects the white-skinned. She said people from India, Pakistan, North Africa, South America, and other regions can also be afflicted.

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