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CSU Council appoints new ceo

by Archives January 20, 2009

The CSU has hired Olivier Cohen as their new chief electoral officer (CEO). The decision was made behind closed doors at Wednesday’s council meeting.
Questions have already been raised after Cohen told other applicants he had been notified two weeks earlier he would be interviewed by council. The other two applicants were notified one day before the meeting. During a later interview Cohen said he couldn’t remember when he had been notified.
CSU president Keyana Kashfi said she didn’t know how Cohen could have been notified early when the appointments committee, who selected which applicants would be interviewed, had only met the day before.
“I wouldn’t know how, I e-mailed people yesterday, the appointments committee met yesterday,” she said. “I wouldn’t know how that would have happened, he wasn’t informed by me.”
Cohen, who has never worked for a CSU election, declined to say much about his experience after the interview with council.
“I don’t want to go into too much detail right now,” he said. “I just got quizzed.” But he added he had “definitely enough to manage this election more than efficiently.”
The position had been vacant since the end of October, when it was revealed previous election chief Jason Druker was no longer a student.

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