Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

I would like to inform the Concordia student body of the recent crooked happenings in the CSU.
A new chief electoral officer was just elected to run the elections this upcoming March. The process of how this individual was elected, however, was completely undemocratic and made me sick to my stomach.
A CSU sub-committee, called the appointments committee, decided they were only going to let a select few individuals who applied for this position to present to council, and everyone else was forbidden from even having the chance to present themselves.
In the CSU’s standing regulations, it specifically says the appointments committee has the right to “recommend appointees” to council for elect, but it does not have the right to choose who can present.
They are supposed to tell council who they believe to be the best candidates, but council is supposed to have the chance to decide for themselves. They completely over-stepped their boundaries, and this time they have gone too far.
What is even more sickening about this act is that CSU president Keyana Kashfi is the chairperson of this committee, meaning it was she who chose the individuals who she thought were “eligible” to apply for CEO. The CEO is the one who governs the elections, and it is of utmost importance their position be unaffiliated.
Is it just me, or should the politicized executives of the CSU not be choosing their CEO? What is happening in this school and why is no one doing anything about it? It is events like this that make me wish I went to a different university, and all I can do now is hope someone will finally step up to these vigilantes and get them out of our student government’s office once and for all.”

Laura Schülke

Dear editor,

Is it me or is the Concordia Student Union hiding more than financial mismanagement?
Not only have they not released any financial figures or a statement, but the current executive has once again politicized what is supposed to be an independent position – that of chief electoral officer (CEO).
At the last council meeting, a councillor asked CSU president Keyana Kashfi if all applicants for the CEO position would be seen by council, which Kashfi responded to in the affirmative.
Shamefully ignoring their duties, the appointments committee met the night before council, and contrary to Kashfi’s earlier promise only forwarded three out of eight candidates.
Furthermore, they violated standing regulations in that they did not even interview the candidates.
But wait, it gets better: the apppointments committee claimed the three candidates were chosen because they were not graduating, therefore providing much needed stability to the independent position of CEO. However, two out of the three candidates confirmed they were graduating this semester, leaving CSU council with one option.
Well done, Ms. Kashfi: you lied, then manipulated council, and now have a CEO of your choosing! Let me ask, when are we planning on stuffing the ballots now?

Louise Birdsell Bauer
CSU Arts & Science councillor

Dear editor,

I applied for the position of chief electoral officer for the Concordia Student Union. Not only did I not receive a confirmation of receipt for my application despite e-mailing them several times, but I also was not even granted an interview when I showed up at the council meeting.
Apparently the appointments committee had done their “work” and pre-selected the three most qualified candidates. I am not discouraged by the fact the appointments committee did not consider me qualified, I am discouraged at what they defined as “qualified.”
The “qualified” candidates are as follows, one candidate whom had no knowledge of the bylaws and standing regulations, another was an employee of the previous corrupt CEO, and the last candidate was well-deserving.
Guess who CSU council, on the urging of the executive, selected as CEO? If you guessed the candidate with no knowledge of the standing regulations and bylaws – you are right!
Apparently not knowing anything qualifies one as a good CEO. What has our student government become and why are Concordia students not raising any hell?

Adrien Severyns


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