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Anti-idling bylaw has effect in Brossard

by Archives February 3, 2009

An anti-idling bylaw in the south-shore community of Brossard is already having an effect, just a month after it came into effect, said a city councillor who helped get the law passed.
Claudio Benedetti said the issue first came to his attention when some children raised concerns about school busses running their engines while waiting to pick up kids.
The bylaw, which went into effect on Jan. 1, bans parked cars that run on gasoline from running their engines for more than three minutes. Cars that run on diesel have five minutes before they have to shut off their engines.
But Benedetti said the problem goes beyond school busses and parked cars.
“The real big issue is around arenas,” he said. “Let’s say we have a hockey tournament, baseball tournament, things like that, they come with big busses and at the doors of the arenas they leave their busses running for two, three, four hours. That’s terrible.”
Benedetti said he’s already seen changes; school busses have started turning off their engines while waiting for children and even the city’s arenas are getting on board.
“The managers of the hockey arenas, they started to ask the teams and the bus drivers to turn off their [engines].”
But not every one is following the new bylaw. Benedetti said there are still significant problems with drive-through windows at restaurants.
While the bylaw does have fines attached, $100 for a first offence, Benedetti said that police probably won’t be handing out tickets until the end of the year.

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