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by Archives February 17, 2009

Sometimes we’re so desperate to escape that we forget to pay attention and end up running into exactly what we were trying to avoid in the first place.
The Shadowboxing is a family drama about a recent college graduate’s return to his family for his grandfather’s funeral. While home, Sam is pressured to enter the workforce to keep his family together.
Instead, he decides to sabotage his own life by cheating on his girlfriend with his mother’s best friend, and/thereby alienating himself from his family and friends. In the end, Sam accepts the responsibility he continually denied. However, it’s too late and he is left with what he wanted to escape: his friends, his family, and his past.
Recent Concordia communication studies graduate Jesse Klein is currently working on the 90-minute feature film, which is set to be shot in Montreal in the spring and released in the fall.
The film’s producers, Tristan Borys, Laura Crestohl, and Marc Cloutier, are all fellow graduates from the communication studies program. “The experience so far has been great only because of the attitude and skill-level of my crew,” said Klein.
Crestohl, who like Klein also has a specialization in film, says she’s grateful for working on this movie, “I know it will be an experience I will be proud of and that I can build on in my career as a filmmaker.”
Klein is currently in search of talent in the form of students who can help in the filming, acting and editing process. He’s also raising funds through the movie’s website. If you donate something for the project, you get a credit in the film and an opportunity to be cast as an extra.
“The purpose of this film is to create a sense of community and to open up the process of filmmaking so people can feel a part of the project,” said Klein. “This film has the potential to affect an array of different people in different social contexts.”

For more information visit shadowboxingthemovie.com.

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