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Off the page and onto the monitor

by Archives February 17, 2009

The Monitor’s Feb. 5 weekly edition looked like any ordinary issue.
According to the West End paper’s front page, in local news, local politicians protested the new Montreal “face mask” bylaw. The Arts & Life section promised a review of the musical about Edith Piaf starring a Montrealer (“Perfectly Piaf!”) on page 18. The bottom of the page advertised little boxes of homes for sale.
The main scoop that week was “A woman of words,” an interview with Blue Met literary festival founder and NDG author Linda Leith. She is smiling against a backdrop of books, holding her the yellow cover of her latest book in her hands.
Only one thing was different about that otherwise ordinary cover of The Monitor.
“Final Print Edition” is written in capitals under “This Week on the Internet” in the lower left corner of the front page.
The Monitor has been delivered since 1926 to homes and businesses in the West End, the area in Montreal that includes the neighbourhoods and small cities of Notre-Dame-de-Gr

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