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by Archives February 17, 2009

Two Tongues
Two Tongues

Two Tongues’ debut album is the creative effort of two emo bands (Say Anything and Saves The Day) and everyone knows what happens when you put mediocre pop-rock together with . . . mediocre pop-rock. Well, needless to say this album is jam-packed with mediocre pop-rock. “If I Could Make You Do Things,” is an exemplary track: pathetically cliched lyrics with a constantly upbeat tempo, ultimately leading to a less-than-inspiring breakdown where the band layers their individual chants that have occurred throughout the song. But despite all the bad, the upbeat tempo is hard to ignore, causing a persistent foot tap that will relay the songs’ emo chants in your head for days to come. “I fuckin’ make you, make you do it . . . ”

Psychic Ills
Mirror Eyes

Psychic Ills’ sophomore release is a jewel for the experimentally inclined. The group seems to pick up where Silver Apples left off, offering expansive soundscapes that steal your ears, taking them on a psychedelic journey. Being the first band to properly execute fusion, blending in the didgeridoo and oscillating rhythms on the guitar reminiscent of The Doors, this album borders on the surreal whilst allowing for a critical ear to appreciate the intricacies of each song. An album definitely worth the listen

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