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Former CSU politician Caught on tape

by Archives March 10, 2009

A Concordia security video shows a student member of the university’s board of governors tearing down campaign posters, according to a student politician who said her posters were torn down.
In the tape an individual, who appears to be former CSU VP communications Noah Stewart, tears down a poster from a bulletin board by the Mackay exit of the Hall Building. He then walks forward and appears to look around, before returning to the board and tearing down more posters.
What’s on the posters isn’t clear, but ASFA president-elect, Leah Del Vecchio said security told her the posers were for her team in the recent ASFA elections. Del Vecchio, who won the election, said the majority of her posters in the Hall Building were torn down. Stewart, who was a CSU VP in 2007-8, is now a member of Concordia’s board of governors and is the national executive representative for the Quebec Component of the Canadian Federation of Students… …(CFS-Q), the largest student lobby group in the country.
Del Vecchio said this is especially concerning.
“I think it’s a big problem when CFS representatives become involved in elections, when they’re supposed to be representing unions. It’s obvious he’s supporting one political entity. I don’t think CFS employees should be favouring one political party,” she said. “Students pay money to CFS. We’re not paying CFS to take part in one political party running for a position. It seems like a misuse of student funds.”
“I think it’s a little ridiculous, I mean it seems a little childish to go around ripping down people’s posters.”
Current VP external Colin Goldfinch is the CSU’s representative on the CFS-Q board of directors. His sister, Anna Goldfinch, came second in the election for ASFA president.
Noah Stewart could not be reached for comment.
Calls to both the offices of CFS-Q and the Federation’s national office were not returned by press time.

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