Student Corner Needs your Submissions!

If you would like to submit a short story or poem, please e-mail [email protected]

If you would like to submit a short story or poem, please e-mail [email protected]


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Student Corner Needs your Submissions!

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Band Banter

Just a little over a year after their last trip to Montreal, Bad Religion are back in town tonight for a sure-to-be-sold-out gig at the Metropolis. I had the chance to speak with the band's bassist Jay Bentley on an early morning of last week and here's what we talked about.

Artist Profile: Christina Toufexis

Making jewelry started as a hobby for Christina Toufexis. She still considers it a hobby, in fact, even though it's been a source of notable income recently. Toufexis got a part-time job at the Bead Emporium, a bead store in Westmount, a few years ago while she was at theatre school.

Exchanging education with other countries

Ever thought about traveling before completing university and entering the "real" world? The International/Student Exchange Programme (I/SEP) allows Concordia students to explore academic opportunities within a different culture and environment. In existence for six years, the program has the opportunity to send students across the globe to educate themselves "outside" the classroom.


It's New York, Sept. 12, 2001 and everyone in the city is dealing with the tragedy in their own way. The Mercy Seat tells the story of Ben and Abby, two young professionals who have been having an affair for the past four years. Ben sees the city's tragic upheaval as a chance for him to "disappear" from his responsibility-laden life and escape to a new existence with the woman he really loves - Abby.