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Sugar Me Off

by Archives March 24, 2009

When I first found out I was coming to Canada, I envisioned a place where stereotypes ran wild – the pavement was lined with maple-y goodness and the Concordia shuttle bus was actually 10 moose roped together walking down Sherbrooke.
When I had finally touched down in the land of moose and maple, I was a little disappointed. Not only was the Concordia shuttle an actual bus and the streets lined with regular concrete, the maple flavour did not reign supreme. I wasn’t able to shoot back maple syrup laced with vodka at Reggie’s, nor order maple-flavoured Big Macs on Ste Catherine. So you can imagine how jubilant I was when I found out there is an actual season for maple celebration. I was determined to sit in the great halls of Quebec and participate.
A cabane

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