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by Archives March 31, 2009

It’s that time again. C’mon, you know what I’m talking about. No, I don’t mean the Stanley Cup playoffs, it’s… exam time! The time when best friends turn into mortal enemies, and caffeine becomes your only ally. Sound familiar? While I’m sure that some of you will be hitting up the library to study, I know that many of you prefer the coffee shop scene. I know I do, which is why I’ve decided to dedicate this month’s Val’s Bites to coffee shops. Sick and tired of the obvious places (you know the ones), I’ve set out to find some fun alternatives. Mission accomplished.

Toi Moi et Café
244 Laurier West
(514) 279-9599
Major cards accepted

Mains: $6.50-$15.50
Coffee: $1.31-$4.75 (plus tax)

I just love Laurier St. There’s something about the over-priced boutiques and the French cafés with their pristine terraces that makes me deliriously happy. Perhaps it’s because I’m reminded of Paris, or maybe it’s my weakness for French food, either way, it recently occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t be so depressed about having to write a law and ethics paper if I could do it while overlooking Laurier St. To test my theory, I headed to Toi Moi et Café. Famous for having the largest selection of specialty grade certified organic and fair-trade coffee in town, this place didn’t let me down. For starters, the coffee menu is truly something to behold. It’s longer than my law paper that’s for sure, and also much more creative. For example, they can make you almost any type of latté, including a kiwi or mint flavored one! Now, how cool is that? They’ve got frappuchinos, granités, exotic teas, hot chocolate, espressos, you name it, they’ve got it. I tried the Midnight Silk Mocha, a latté flavored with caramel, cocoa syrup and topped with whipped cream. It looked like heaven, and it tasted even better. The cappuccino was delicious too, but not as impressive as the whipped cream wonder. The food is also tasty, despite being a tad over-priced for the portion size. I recommend the Foresti

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