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Drinking on campus: A night out at Reggie’s

by Archives September 22, 2009

It’s Thursday night. A long week of classes is as good as over.
“That’s $3 each please. Thank you so much and have a great night,” says Tory Forser, a history and English student mending the door at Concordia’s infamous campus bar located inside the Hall building with an entrance on Mackay St. According to Tory, Reggie’s has been brimming with first-year students since the start of the semester, with Thursday nights being the big draw. The $1 shooters till midnight must be the reason she says with a smirk.
“It get’s hectic, but good hectic,” said Forser. “Usually students don’t have classes on Fridays so they come to Reggie’s to get together and meet people.”
Case in point: first year sociology student, Sasha Hagen.
“Obviously I heard about Reggie’s before I even started Concordia, and I knew instantly to remove all classes on Fridays so I can attend the drunk-fest on Thursday nights,” said Hagen.
Hagen claims the bar is the best place for new students to overcome their shyness and socialize with their peers. Frosh leader, Emma Roberston agrees. “Reggie’s is a great place to meet people from your classes who you normally wouldn’t have spoken to, making it a great spot for social networking,” said Robertson. There’s always someone you know there and you never feel alone she added.
Her friend and fellow frosh leader, Allie McDonald said she goes for the $1 drinks. “We are all students here and spending money isn’t something we like to do, plus they play great music,” interrupts Robertson.
Cheap beer, a relaxed atmosphere and more cheap beer, is why Kevin Thompson frequents Reggie’s regularly. However, there was a time in his university career when the fourth year sociology student didn’t enjoy going to the Concordia bar because there weren’t any rules regulating who was allowed in. This often led to a bad crowd and bar fights. “Now that you have to be a Concordia student to come in, everyone’s a lot happier and the atmosphere is a lot better,” he explains.
Reggie’s bouncer and John Molson School of Business graduate, Darnel Danglade makes sure of it. “We control the door and we make it so it’s only a student crowd. It’s a lot chiller and there aren’t any fights,” says Danglade as he stamps a series of wrists.
For some, coming to Reggie’s has become a tradition. Rodrigo Galvin is a second year liberal arts student and says the faculty has been drinking at Reggie’s every Thursday for quite some time now. Simply put: “It’s the fastest place to get a beer when you’re done class,” said Galvin.
Appearance wise, Reggie’s is no different from the other no-frills bars all over the city, but if you’re a Concordia student, it’s a great place to hang out with friends, meet other students and enjoy cheap drinks.
“It’s not the nicest bar in the world, but it serves its purpose,” toasts Sarah Traub, who has been going to Reggie’s for three years.

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