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A peek into yourKloset.com

by admin November 3, 2009

Like most fashion magazines yourKloset.com, posts a list of this season’s must-haves, but this blog focuses on presenting high fashion in a way that is both accessible, and affordable for students and young professionals.
“[We do] more than tell [our readers] what’s in and what’s out,” said co-founder David Zelniker. “We want to guide them and let them know where they can find these pieces at their price point.”
The site presents an eclectic mixture of opinion pieces, stories and pictures with an underlying theme of fashion and style. Topics range from book reviews, new artists, events, food, travel, decor, new gadgets and trends for the style-conscious.
“We are trying to point out a different approach to fashion,” said Zelniker.
Zelniker launched the site in May, along with buisness parter Tony Jordan. While Zelniker manages the technical aspect of the site while Jordan, who has worked in fashion for over 18 years, is yourKloset’s creative director. Together they manage a staff of 20 writers from Montreal and Toronto, most of whom have backgrounds in the industry and contribute to the site on a volunteer basis.
“We are a fashion lifestyle blog, but fashion goes beyond just clothing,” Zelniker said. “It’s the idea of trying to be well rounded.”
As for the site’s future, their main objective is to expand their blog and to keep providing readers with information on items they believe in. “We don’t get paid to promote any of the products we talk about,” says Zelniker. “We would never suggest something we wouldn’t have in our own closets.”

Late Fall Fashion 101 according to creative director Tony Jordan

Q: What kinds of trends can we look forward to in late fall?
Lots of knit, leather (Biker Chic) , leather jackets and fur

Q: Are there specific colors that are coming in this season?
Purple is very strong for both men and women.

Q: What is out for men?
Ed Hardy and/or Christian Audigier- way out! Listen, Whoopi Goldberg is wearing it… need I say more? Sorry Whoopi.

Q: What styles can we look forward to for women this season?
Structured yet feminine blazers and coats, soft flowy dresses. The thigh high boot (not for women under 5’7), and two-in-ones (shawls with scarves, double collars and shirt cardigans)

Q: What is definitely out for women?
Juicy Couture

Q: Uggs, hot or not?
Very hot, if you throw them in the fire. Maybe to do some gardening!

Q: Favorite new gadget?
Anything you can find in the yourKloset.com Gadgets & Gizmos section

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