Notes in Neon

Arthur Kall
Notes In Neon
(Independent; 2009)


Concordia alumnus Arthur Kall’s debut album, Notes in Neon, fails to distinguish itself from the mediocre pop music churned out daily.
Alternating between poppy numbers and ballads, Kall’s repetitive, simplistic compositions are neither catchy nor memorable.
The accompanying lyrics were completely literal and lacking in subtlety. His words read like an entry from a petulant teen’s diary.
The first ballad of the album was cringe-worthy and ruined by Kall’s use of T-Pain-like auto-tune. Tacky production effects distract listeners from Kall’s rich toned voice.
This weak debut conjures the lyrical immaturity and whininess of Simple Plan and falls into a series of clichés from beginning to end.

Trial Track: “Sunshine Girl”


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