Sustainable businesses showcased at John Molson event

Recycled paints, free-trade coffee and reusable menstrual pads were some of the products on display at the Sustainable Business Day, an exposition showcasing businesses with sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Concordia’s John Molson Sustainable Business Group (JSG) and Career Management Services hosted the event.

A range of companies set up kiosks in the Samuel Bronfman building on Dr. Penfield, making product pitches to anyone interested. Opinions among the companies differed regarding which sustainable practices are the best sustainable practices.
Veronique Vendette, from the West Island Cooperative du Grand Orme, for example, stressed the importance of local food growth. “Transporting food from around the world when we could grow our own is retarded,” she said bluntly.

At the next table however, Dix Mille Villages store manager Sally Richmond displayed coffee, handicrafts and chocolate imported from faraway cooperatives in Africa and South America. She insisted there was no contradiction with Vendette. “There’s just some products we can’t grow here.”
GreenLeep, a green building supplies broker, hawked a variety of products, such as EcoBatt insulation and Bamboo floors. “Recycled paint is probably one of our most popular products,” said Edward Martin. The company representative hesitantly explained that recycled paint is not dried paint stripped from the walls and replaced in cans. “You’re the third person to ask me that question today,” he said before explaining it was simply unused paint collected from cans brought in to be recycled.

Organizer Andreea Rus said the event was partially focused on providing free advertising for certain businesses, while also aiming to promote sustainable practices. “We’re trying to raise awareness about sustainability. There’s a growing trend towards it,” she said, noting that each company with a kiosk at the event were profitable in addition to being eco-friendly.

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