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by admin December 8, 2009

Letters to the Editor

by admin December 1, 2009

Full moon, moist late August night, leaving the downtown core after yet another disappointing evening of failed social interactions. Our spirits were low indeed, and my friend was about to leave Montreal for good. Something needed to happen, something was about to give.

Being so far from our homes, and without bikes, we began the grueling march towards the glowing summer mountain. It seemed unreachable, our feet ached it was somewhere between the fighting drunks on crescent and the bourgeois dinners feasting on lobster that it dawned on us. Bixi!
I hadn’t ridden a bixi before, and I never thought I would be in a position to embrace such a form of transport. Before I even knew what bike I wanted (they all looked so nice you see), I had one thrust into my hands from my friend, he had finished a summer of love, so to say, with the bixi, and now it was my turn.
Down de Maisonneuve we soared, bells ringing and voices singing, we were unstoppable. Like mighty warriors on their horses, we passed the world by in a flash, dodging every obstacle in our way. Nothing could stop us.

Roaring past the looming McGill gates, we passed on the lawn, swerving in and out, like some sort of iron bike synchronized dance. Our hearts beat in rhythm with those fancy lights (which are just as safe as they are cool) Feeling the grass shred beneath our tires, for the first time in the evening, we were alive.
Better then booze, better than drugs, the bixi had showed us the path to some kind of strange enlightenment, and a darn good shortcut through the mountain
Maybe it was the air that night, or the specific bikes that called us to their comfortable and manageable quick adjustment seats, whatever it was, we were bright burning halos of pure life force. The stars and moon guided our path home, as did the little flashing lights on our bixi.

As soon as it started it was over: The ride, the night, the summer. What a way to end it all Brendan.
It is winter now, and as I see the finial bixi stands being taken down, like ancient statutes’ from a time passed, I decided to express my appreciation for these bikes. May they return with the spring, and bring joy to all of us.

Max Kelly, Concordia student

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Hey Concordia students,

We invite you out today, Tuesday Dec. 1, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Hall Building Mezzanine tables (second floor) to chat about any challenges you face because of university tuition or any opinions you have about it. After the Link’s recent article citing Concordia President Woodsworth desiring an American model of tuition for our university, we are still in the process of trying to find out more details about what President Woodsworth meant. Meanwhile, we would like to know what you think! Have you ever had problems paying your tuition? Have your friends? Why or why not? What do you think would be the ideal tuition model for Concordia? Do you think our economic situation means that students should face the burden of a higher cost to education? We’d love to hear what you have to say – and if you like, we can transcribe it, tape-record it or video-tape it for our upcoming documentary about tuition issues in Montreal. We want to know what all Concordia students think about their education, how it should be run and how much it should cost.

If you don’t feel like talking about your personal experience or opinions, but would just like more information or want to informally discuss issues related to tuition in this province and Canada, stop by our booth today!
Or, if you have ideas about what we could do to prevent tuition increase, or you want to get involved in our campaign, please come to our meeting, also today, Tuesday Dec. 1, at 5:15pm at Concordia’s Graduate Students’ Association, 2030 Mackay.
If you can’t make it or would rather chat by email, email us at tuitioncampaign@gmail.com or stop by the GSA office (2030 Mackay) to write your contact info on our mailing list.
Hope to meet you or hear from you soon,

Nadia Hausfather, PhD Humanities
Montreal Students Against Tuition Increases

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