My Christmas

Andre Bocelli
My Christmas
(Decca; 2009)


For an operatic tenor covering songs typically not associated with his genre, Bocelli knows how to pull it off – and with the most unexpected guests. With duets with everyone from Mary J. Blige, Reba McEntire, and even the Muppets cast, he still manages to stay true to his own style. A few tracks, however, don’t mesh well with his voice – “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town,” for example.
Like most Christmas albums, the cheese factor tips the scale. Take for example, the wince-worthy “I Believe,” a duet with Katherine Jenkin.
This album is perfect for the hardcore Christmas-addicts, featuring familiar songs in a refreshingly new, yet still classic way. However, for fans of Bocelli who can hardly tolerate the music played in shopping malls, it may be best to wait for his next release.

Trial Track: “Jingle Bells” (feat. The Muppets)


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