Behave Yourself EP

Cold War Kids
Behave Yourself EP
(Downtown Records;2010)


There’s something about Nathan Willett’s soulful voice that makes you want to sing along 8212; in an unnecessarily high octave if you’re not careful. Even the track titles are alluring, with “Coffee Spoon,” “Audience,” and “Santa Ana Winds” among the five tracks on the band’s ninth EP.
The first three songs share similar styles 8212; a piano keeps the rhythm and lyrics are often repeated. But the tracks are still distinguishable, with each having its own distinct sounding intro and outro.
You can float through the first three tracks easily, maybe even using it as background music while you tick a few items off your to-do list. But once you reach the choppy intro and mellow beat of the fourth track, “Sermons,” you might be inclined to close your eyes, lean back, listen and absorb the sounds.

Trial Track: “Audience”


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