Die Stadt Muzikanten

Die Stadt Muzikanten
(Boompa; 2010)

After returning to the land of his ancestors, Germany, Mark Hamilton, frontman of the Calgary indie-folk collective Woodpigeon, turned memories of his grandparents into an album with the help of a seven-piece backing band. Die Stadt Muzikanten is a revisiting of the old world, but with a certain modern touch.
For a brief moment the low hiss and hum of a vinyl spinning is the only sound to be heard, then the waltzy title track kicks in with a flourishing piano, warm strings, and tin can vocals. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine “Die Stadt Muzikanten” passing for a forgotten phonograph cylinder. “Enchantée Janvier” is also reminiscent of older days; it would fit in at a candle lit tavern as a rousing drinking song for the dead of winter.
The album is a dusty trip down memory lane, but one that’s worth re-visiting time and time again.

Trial Track: “Empty-Hall Sing-Along”

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