End Time

End Time
(Vagrant; 2010)

At its gloomy core, End Times is nothing more then a breakup album. It’s no wonder, since front-man Mark Oliver Everett wrote the 14-track album following a divorce. As you would expect, the track listing is littered with gems of despair and titles that cut to the lonely chase (“Unhinged,” “High and Lonesome,” “I Need a Mother”).
The pace never really picks up since Everett seems quite comfortable moping about heartache. One exception is “Gone Man,” which features a faster pace, yet blues-tinged, number. Lyrically, Everett traces out the failing relationship and the emotional fallout that ensues. At times it’s painful to hear Everett stumble into the unavoidable clichés, at others it’s easy to relate.
The most poignant moment comes during “Apple Trees,” a spoken interlude when Everett compares his existence to a tree on an apple farm. “Just one in a billion” is his conclusion.

Trial Track: “In My Younger Days”


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