Many clubs, many faces and many tastes at Concordia

The aroma was impossible to miss. The smells emanating from the Many Tastes of Concordia event grew stronger and more delectable with each step toward the seventh floor of the Hall building.

The event, hosted by the CSU last Friday, saw Concordia clubs congregate and offer foods they felt best represented the interests of the group.
For some students, taking part in the event was a matter of plain luck.
“We were coming to People’s Potato, but then we saw all the booths set up that had better food,” said one second year sociology student.

Those at the event were able to indulge in the food offered while also learning a bit about many of the student-run clubs at the university. Though the event may not have been heavily advertised, as many as 200 students happened upon it, getting the opportunity to tickle their taste buds.
The CSU was sure to make the event a sustainable one, offering Tupperware as an alternative to disposable plates. Some clubs were on the same page, making sure their offerings were sustainable and earth-friendly.
The table occupied by a Jewish student group, for example, offered tofu dogs. “We are deep believers in sensitivity to all life on this earth,” said Chabad Concordia president Jonathan Waysman. “And it’s kosher.”

Waysman said he felt the event was a good opportunity to hep clubs promote future events, such as Chabad’s upcoming Purim party.
Queer Concordia member Joey Donnelly said Many Tastes of Concordia was a great way to recruit new members, as well as a great opportunity to network with students and other clubs. The Queer Concordia table had a bowl full of condoms which was quickly emptied.
Scarlet Jory, a graduate student and founder of the Concordia University Pagan Society, said she put a lot of thought into what she served at her station. Lavender cookies and an array of teas were offered, with herbs in every item. Jory said she believes that this event promotes community within Concordia, while informing students of the groups’ diversity.
Though the food at the event was gobbled up within an hour, students still lingered and mingled to learn more about Concordia’s clubs.


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