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We all love to feel good about ourselves. When feeling down, some people find a pick-me-up in playing sports, taking a bubble bath or indulging in a little cookie dough action. Whatever your poison, there is one activity that never fails to make anyone feel super sexy, blissful and beyond happy: sex.
Well, good sex anyway.

But what is “good sex”?
At some point we’ve all wondered whether we’re good in bed. No, nix that 8212; whether we’re awesome in bed.
Well, fear not. Help is nearby, at the 16th annual Salon de L’Amour et de la Seduction.
The sex exposition will be held in downtown Montreal at Place Bonaventure Jan. 22 to 24.
Don’t think the expo won’t have anything for you because you’re single/married/in a relationship 8212; Salon de L’Amour et de la Seduction doesn’t discriminate.

If you’re shy and thinking this isn’t for you, you’re wrong. “It’s not just about kinky sex,” said the show’s manager, Mikey Singer. “75 per cent is about regular, sexual information. It’s about making you feel confident and to have you be a better lover.”
The event includes seminars, fashion shows, burlesque dancers, and vendors offering everything from dildos and sexy candy, to body casting, henna, hair extensions and teeth whitening solutions.
“It’s very informative and fun,” said Montreal’s very own Sex Educatrix, Lady Viktoria, who will be hosting a series of presentations on of the event’s stages. “I am available to answer any questions. The community dungeon [stage] was created to appeal to an audience that is looking for some beginner, intermediate and some advanced forms of play. Interactive play is encouraged from an educational context.”

Lady Viktoria recommended reading about kinky play or attending seminars like hers before engaging in the lifestyle. It’s better to do it right and safely, she said, than to get hurt and not enjoy yourself.
Singer said he wants Concordia University students to know the expo is “about finding out how to help your significant other. It makes you look like an all-star. You won’t be uncomfortable because there’s going to be over 500 people there with you. No one’s judging and everyone’s doing and listening to the same things you are.”
Le Salon de L’Amour et de la Seduction attracts an audience like no other. So grab a group of friends and head to Place Bonaventure. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn and you’ll have sex like a god.

Brought to us by the Toronto-based website everythingtodowithsex.com, the sex trade show will also be visiting Halifax, Toronto and London, ON.
Montreal’s show will be held on three stages: the Main Stage, the Priape Community Dungeon Stage and the Seminar Area.
Tickets are $15 and will get you access to all the shows and seminars.

For more information and to buy your tickets head to www.montreal.everythingtodowithsex.com

The Main Stage

This area will feature three shows: Guilty Pleasures Fashion Show, Monde Ose Cabaret and Mr. Erotika Male Revue.
The Guilty Pleasures Fashion Show: will present “the best of Coquette lingerie. It will have a fetish portion which will be the Polymorphe line and Priape,” said Singer. “Priape is the premier gay men latex and leather line.”
The Mr. Erotika Male Revue: “It’s less act, more strip.” explained Singer. “You get more meat for your dollar.” According to their website, “Mr. Exotika Male Review is a group of dancers and entertainers with perfectly chiseled bodies.” Only one word could describe that: delicious.

The Monde Ose Cabaret: will include acts from Canada’s number one international burlesque and aerial performer, Roxi Dlite. She will be joined by fetish pinup model and new-age burlesque performer, MiMi Cherry, as well as Jessy Entertainment and Maiko Starr. They will be performing a show called Runaway Bride. “It’s about a bride who questions if she’s really excited about her wedding. She’s surrounded by temptation and jealousy,” said Frank Mondeose, manager of the main stage and founder of Monde Ose.

Priape Community Dungeon Stage

Events taking place on the Dungeon Stage will be presented by Montreal’s very own Sex Educatrix, Lady Viktoria. She will be hosting six presentations.

Kinky Play 101: Basics of kinky play and terminology. If kinky sex is something you’re unfamiliar with but want to try, this is the workshop for you.
Pervy Play Time: Lady Viktoria will be teaching you how to use household items for sensational and kinky play.
Violet Wand: You’ll learn how to use an “electrostatic device for kinky play,” Lady Viktora explained. I am not quite sure what this means, but it ought to be very educational.
Body Licks: Lady Viktoria will demonstrate how different whips can be “used in a sensual, erotic way with your partner.”
Latex Intro: The dominatrix is going to show how latex can be sexual and pretty kinky. For example, she’ll tell you how a rubber latex sleeping bag with a vacuum seal can be sexually stimulating.
Spice It Up: Helping you use your five senses to increase your bedroom fun.


I don’t care if you think you’re a god/goddess in bed, everyone could benefit from the valuable, bed-rocking instruction that will be offered here. There will be five seminars, each taught in French and English.

Bigger, Better, Multiples, Orgasms for Everyone: The title says it all. Carlyle Jansen, founder of female-friendly sex shop, Good For Her, will be sharing important information on how men and women can achieve mattress gripping, full body orgasms. You’d be a fool to miss this seminar.
The Pleasures of Anal Sex: Jansen will divulge tips and techniques that can help achieve pleasurable anal sex. If anal sex is something you want to try, or you’re curious to know how to make it more exciting, this is the class for you.
Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys: Joy Toyz president, Phuong Ly, will teach you how to select the toy that meets your needs. You’ll find out which toys work best for clitoral, vaginal and anal stimulation, as well as how to introduce sex toys to your partner.
Striptease & Burlesque: Velma Candyass, a Joy Toyz’s instructor and choreographer, will demonstrate how to perform a striptease and burlesque number. It doesn’t matter what your body looks like, the only requirement is that you have fun.
Going Oral!: Tips on how to give the best oral sex. Even if you think your technique is awesome, introducing something new can never be a bad thing.


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