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Innovation wins ASFA elections

by admin February 19, 2010

Aaron Green has been elected president of Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations. His Innovation team took five of the seven seats on the ASFA executive, with Allie McDonald elected vice president social, Alexa Newman elected VP finance, Chad Walcott elected VP external and sustainability and Terry Seminara elected VP academic and Loyola affairs.

Two members of the Stronger ASFA party were also elected to the executive, with Anna Goldfinch taking VP internal and Sarah Moore elected as VP communications.

Serge Keverian, of Innovation, and Kelly McDougald, of Stronger ASFA, were elected as independent councillors. Richard Patenaude and Megan-Jane Renshaw, both of Innovation, are tied for the third independent councillor seat and a recount will be conducted within the next few days, according to ASFA’s chief electoral officer, Colby Briggs.

All four referendum questions passed.

Over 1,300 students voted in the elections.

The vote was marked by a high rate of abstentions. For three of the four referendum questions, more students voted to abstain than voted yes. The race for VP external also saw more students voting to abstain than for the winning candidate.

Green received 435 votes, while his closest competitor Joel Suss of New Engergy received 365. Charlie Brenchley of Stronger recieved 281 votes. There were 227 abstentions.

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